I picked this up together with salmon sushi at Cold Storage over at Tampines 1 last night in a feeble attempt to assuage my cravings for Japanese food. I swear I had slices of salmon belly dancing alongside swordfish sashimi, and the grilled hotate with garlic cheese is doing his clam dance and I’m waving a roll of california sushi as a cheer-stick. That was how bad my cravings for Japanese food were, 😦

Unfortunately, G is having his exam tomorrow night, and since his paper ends at 10pm, I won’t be having my fix anytime soon. 😡 However, much to my dismay, cheap sushi and sashimi just won’t do. Or maybe it’s just the outlet I went to, sighs. The slices of salmon atop the machine-pressed rice roll were distangling themselves from layer to layer, and didn’t taste remotely like what a salmon sushi roll should taste like.

Sushi Tei is calling my name~