I’m so happy I got H for my Newsroom lecturer. Sure beats the hell out of KL anytime, anyday. I mean, I won’t complain if my work gets marked down due to it not meeting professional standards, but I will certainly if the lecturer doing it has no qualifications whatsoever to make me agree with her (not-so-constructive) criticisms.

My headache got better, happy to report that the dizzyness has gone away, much of it that is. Perhaps I just needed more sleep that’s all. Lots of pictures to share and back-dated entries (again), but hey, I shall get my beauty reviews posted soon. Missed the days when I get excited at trying out new products, I did a major haul at SASA when I was in Hong Kong, the stores were literally everywhere across the streets!

Till tomorrow then, I bid you NAI NAI! 😀

P.S. X why did you miss Newsroom har?