So 1 Saturday after my Mom had her night out together with my dad and her employees at The Pump Room, she decided that it would be fun to organize another night out the week after for us and our cousins. However, there were some major hiccups that happened and instead, I managed to wrangle seats for the 7 of us over at Cafe Iguana@Riverside. It was ALOHA to some delicious but slightly pricey Mexican fare.

A already had dinner that night together with her boyfriend and her sister, hence we only had 2 mains, with which I shared with G and my Mom with C. The mains are quite small in portion, hence it’s best if you order one for yourself.

First up; something from the Tequila Grill which features Lime marinated meat finished with a smoky & spicy tequila glaze served with grilled vegetables and poblano-scalloped potatoes

New York Steak  S$26.99

We asked for Medium-Well, as I do not fancy seeing blood oozing all over from the first cut of my meat. Some restaurants (or maybe it’s just me) don’t really get it when they do Medium-Rare, and I get a lukewarm-cold piece of meat instead. However, fret not. The chefs from Cafe Iguana do their grilling well and my steak turned out really smooth and not tough but tender enough.

And what’s a visit to Cafe Iguana without having their famed drinks? A jug of Strawberry Margaritas to keep all of us going without being puke-happy. I love their margaritas, especially so when you rim the glass with sugar instead of salt. Yummylicious! I shall be brave and try out some other flavors next time. Best to go during Happy Hour, a jug of Strawberry Margaritas costs S$52. A little pricey for some, but Cafe Iguana does not scrimp on their tequila (means you pay for watered-down drinks), all their margaritas contain a full 45ml worth of tequila in them.

Prawn Brochette S$29.99

You do the math. 5 juicy delicious prawns for nearly S$30. That’s about S$6 for 1. My mom and C shared this.

Ancho Dusted Fried Calamari S$13.99

A little lackluster if you ask me.

Their signature Guacamole dip to go with chips.

Our spread for the night. Actually for a light dinner it wasn’t that bad, and the mains are good, just not really feelin’ the appetizers much. I’m still missing the Margaritas (the actual restaurant name and not the drink) dinner that Aunt Anne and Uncle D treated me to. Except for the parsley, that dinner was impeccable and a fond memory of true-blue Mexican food. And the chef was also from aeronautical engineering as I once was, haha. That evening was a memorable one, filled with great conversation and delicious food.

I think I might really be getting older. No longer feeling the urge to party the night out at a dark club gyrating along to sensual beats, however choosing to spend the evening and midnights away with great company and comfort food. La Dolce Vita, le sweet life. So it shall be.