The splitting headache didn’t go away as expected. I thought it might be due to me not being used to the sudden change in weather, but I now suspect it might be due to my strained neck. I can appreciate all the neck pillows right now, because falling asleep on the plane or during long-distance journeys are painful wake-up calls for me. Mayhaps the dizzyness can be accorded to that, or I have to see a doctor when I wake up tomorrow. Just hope that it isn’t due to a eye-viral infection I once had. 😡

However, that didn’t prevent me from buying tickets for back-to-back movies. I watched Iron Man 2 at 7pm, and Ip Man 2 later at 9.20pm. I’ve now come to love and appreciate such blockbuster marathons, because honestly, they really save me alot of time. Thank goodness Ip Man 2 came with English subtitles, else poor G has to endure another Chinese movie he doesn’t quite comprehend.

Okay, time to sleep now. >:D