I wonder now my purpose for starting this blogging adventure, a mere escapade from what’s really happening in reality, or just a stop-over for documenting my thoughts? Seems that the blogs I read all have strong reasons for existing, I wonder what’s mine, since I don’t predominately feature a topic, just offering a mis-mash of everything.

This comes about after reading my secondary school senior’s girlfriend’s blog. Wow, I never knew he was such a romantic seriously. And the way she wrote about her daily happenings, makes me reflect upon mine. Somehow somewhat, (attempting) to write professionally results in a sterile clinical tone, not very readigestible.

Methinks I shall be more lovey-dovey, or at least try to, on my blog here. Hmm. Or get a better camera. In a dilemma now, I want a compact DSLR, can?