Can you guess where is this place with its awesome window displays?

Look at all the little ice-cream scoop balls in pastel colors with chocolate fondue dipping in the center, fruits and marshmallows! Adorableness! Can imagine this being some lucky princess’s toy house 😀

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry and finally Chocolate-chip and Mint!

Parfait for you?

Omg yummylicious Strawberry Crepe spotted!

Waffle with Chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream, with apples on the side and drizzled with Hersey’s Chocolate anyone?

I want this! Heart & Brownie! I’m so going to make G come and eat it with me when I’m back from Hong Kong! Very sweet looking dessert, hopefully it will taste good as well >:D

And this awesome place is none other than;

Cafe Baskin Robbins!

My first encounter with this ice-cream brand was at a tiny unknown stop-over en-route from Genting to Singapore. The taste of it was comparable to Haagen-daz, and I was truly spoilt for choice at the many flavors they offered! Naturally when I saw Baskin Robbins at City Square, it didnt take much persuasion for X to accompany me for some kick-ass awesome dessert while taking a break from walking around the mall!

Incidentally, every Wednesday is Baskin Robbins’ PINK day, where you get 2 scoops of ice-cream for the price of 1 (RM7.50) as long as you have anything in pink on you. X was, how should I put it, mortified to hold my pink mobile strap to qualify. But hey, you don’t just pass up a good bargain 😀

Here is my 2 scoops (cents) of it; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and something with Caramel and Macadamia nuts.

1 great thing about Cafe Baskin Robbins? They serve iced water, on the house.

And because 2 is definitely better than 1;

X with his poison, I can’t remember what he had actually ?_?

I would really recommend Baskin Robbins as a cheaper alternative to Haagen-Daz, especially during their 2-for-1 PINK promo on Wednesdays. For premium ice-cream, the flavours are full and thick, to the point when X and I couldn’t stomach what’s left of our ice-cream. Baskin Robbins sure didn’t scrimp on their ingredients, that’s for sure. The only downside to it? Singapore doesn’t have an outlet yet. 😡

I’m definitely going back for the heart-shaped dessert together with G! 😀 Actually, 2 scoops are enough to be shared for 2, 1 scoop is already filling enough.