1. I like to write for my “10 things” post, it’s an effective summarization of my day.
  2. How true that the days leading to a flight (oh the horrors of flying long-distance) are the busiest. I didn’t think it would ever get so chaotic, but I’m not complaining!
  3. Ran around Orchard for an hour today getting a wax, 2 Uniqlo polo-tees (they looked good on my sister), new lingerie (there wasn’t time to sort through and pack) and then to meet a blogshop owner (yes I started shopping online again) to collect my sweet pink pearl crotchet blouse.
  4. That concluded the frenzied clothes packing I’m doing for HongKong.
  5. Am I the only one who buys new stuff and pack them all in the luggage before leaving for a holiday destination where I also get to do some serious shopping?
  6. S kindly loaned C her DSLR, which means I get to take kick-ass pictures during my trip! 😀
  7. Is it crazy to pack my hair mask and a multi-purpose Steam Cream into my luggage as well?
  8. I’m hooked on playing Hotel City, a Facebook game. My hotel just got rated 5 frigging stars! Now on how to get my friends to login and restart my shifts for me hmm.
  9. I have only about 3.5 hours to go before I need to wake up.
  10. I really like watching the dramas and movies (in various languages) which I’ve downloaded into my HD on my TV, courtesy of my PS3 Slim. Finally a irresistible use for it. Apparently the other console plug-in is HD-friendly, no more 10″ netbook screen or barely audible volume again! Yay!