I seem to be on a food rampage am I not? This little blog of mine is turning into a full-fledge foodie blog, what am I going to do now hmm. Anyhow, the pictures taken in this post are when my exams were finally over and done with, my extensions removed, and when TTS asked me out on a shopping/food date. It has been a long long time since I last wandered around the malls in Orchard Road, long enough that I doubt I was fashionable enough to. Indeed, even though I kept abreast of the season’s latest trends, I wasn’t clothed in them, preferring instead shorts + long blouses. Time to change that really, especially when I have been on a jewelry / accessories craze recently.

My date for the night, TTS 😀

A lousy quality front-camera picture of me with my hair in a sorry state. 😦 I’m happy to report that I rather like it now (post hair-cut) and having uniform length and a healthy hair color, although it tangles rather easily due to the wispy ends.

Another trigger-happy picture.

From NYDC; their prawn baked rice. Juicy sweet prawns much alike to Thai Express, though I hate having to pick out all the onions and red pepper. I was told that the rice was specially pre-fried before being baked in the oven.

I forgot what TTS had, hmm. See her sparkly blue nails? I was waiting for her while she got them done  at Far East 😀 Cheap color service at S$6.

Our baked potato skins with cheese and bacon bits. Though if you ask me, they scrimped a little too much with the bacon bits, leaving only a hint of cheese with quite a lot of potato. Hot to the touch after fresh out from the oven, the salad on the side is yummylicious! Ima gonna order it as an appetizer the next time I visit NYDC, the dark-colored (looks like soya sauce) vinaigrette is awesome! First time I had vinaigrette dressing for my salad as  I usually have extra mayo to go along with my chicken Caesar Salad. Sinful I know 😛

The amount of cheese we used in the process is really scary, hor TTS? 😀 The meal cost us nearly S$40, not bad for a dinner in Orchard, but when compared to the dinner I had in JB last week, a leetle too expensive. A pity we were too full till our stomachs were bursting (I didn’t want to budge even though it was already closing) that we didn’t try the famed NYDC desserts. 😦

New York Cheesecake anyone? >:D