My classmates decided to gather and head into JB (the land of cheap food + shopping) last Wednesday 21/04/10 for a day trip. My accomplices included X / Fari & A. We lost contact with K and his friends though, probably due to me being late 😦

After braving through customs and some ooh-and-ah over the newly revamped buildings and facilities, we arrived at our destination –  CitySquare. The trip will be split into at least 3 posts as I have yet to take pictures of my shopping loot, which shouldnt happen because I went into JB with only RM100 in hand and an absolute resolve of not shopping since I’m leaving for Hong Kong already. Alas, cheap and good shopping prevailed, and I added 3 pieces to my wardrobe. Finally, the dry spell is broken, and I can has new clothes after abstaining since last year 😀

Here’s A with a I-dunno-what-is-she-doing expression. We stopped by this place after some time spent on shopping. I had already picked up 4 keychains and 2 pairs of foot socks (to be worn with flats) at that time, and I reckon my RM100 to be down to about RM70. I’ve already given away 3 of the keychains, and mine had a lousy clasp and the dangling bits broke away and now I’m left with only a strap. Rawr.

A had the Milk Tea (1) + Nissin Noodles with Luncheon Meat + an egg (2). It is the noodles used in the maggee mee version, surprisingly G likes it too. I used to (okay lah, now I still do) roll my eyeballs at him when he orders this particular version at Hong Kong Cafe. Her Milk Tea is very different from what we have here in Singapore, I shall attempt to taste the difference between the ones in Hong Kong and what I drank everywhere else!

I had the Yuan-Yang, which is basically a mix of coffee and tea and it is super nice! Very much different from Hong Kong Cafe’s version; theirs were dependent on the mood of the one making the drink and tend to lean towards a stronger coffee taste. The Yuan-Yang I had in JB is definitely more blended nicely, a delicate balance of the two without one overpowering the other. No pictures though unfortunately, though X agrees with me that it tasted good!

I shared the You Tiao with X as I wanted to keep space in my tummy for the yummylicious salted egg-yolk crab during dinner later, and as for him, I forgot. Opps. Anyhow, You Tiao is fish/prawn paste stuffed into dough sticks (I think) and then deep fried and served with mayo. This is the first time I’ve had pork floss(?) with mine though, a sorta of weird feeling but not that bad. They cut the You Tiao slanted, the ones in Singapore are usually in straight pieces. Cheap too, less than S$3 for it.

Is Pork Floss really made from pork? Im gonna Google that to find out!