For some weird reason, WordPress doesn’t allow me to type on my querty keypad and now i’m left typing on my slightly lagging touchpad. Honestly i’m now a little more than amazed by what technology (& my N97) can come up with, like typing on a touchpad for my blog while hooked up to the wireless router. I’m not so certain of my conviction to get a berry or the iphone (yes i know i’m sounding like a sellout but i like the screens for my videos) anymore. This is G’s first weekend off in his new department and i’m ashamed to say that I was rather busy with lessons here and there and everywhere. Blame my Hong Kong trip if you will. Sighs. So many errands to run and so little time. A far cry from last week when I had time to kill. 😦

Edit: I was typing blind on my touchpad and thus I decided to save the draft and post proper on my netbook. Just sent G off after an amazing home-cooked dinner by Papasarus complete with my favourite, Sichuan Vegetable Soup. A full day beckons tomorrow as well, now I fully understand that the days leading up to a flight is blindingly busy, I shall hop in the shower now and then continue my posts whilst waiting for my hair to dry before attempting to pack for Hong Kong.