I happened to walk into Tampines1 and saw a lady holding a Rive Gauche plastic bag and sudden cravings for the Guanaja cake struck me. The store was having a 20% discount over the weekend and my initial thought of having just a single slice soon fell through as it would be cheaper getting the whole Size6 cake. (FYI it costs S$6 per slice, and the whole cake would cost S$32 for a 8-person serving)

A French top quality bitter sweet chocolate mousse and ganache, with two layers of chocolate sponges. Comes with a bottom layer of crispy biscuit.

The cake comes in a super lux box, the care the Japanese take with their packaging.

Omg, I’m drooling already thinking looking at it already. The creamy chocolate goodness melting into your tongue along with the crispy biscuit wafer, yummy!

The chocolate flower decoration is yummylicious as well!

After finishing up the post, now I’m hungry already! Time for some Korean Cheese Instant Noodles 😀