This Pork Katsu curry is way awesome! I have never tasted the likes of its curry sauce, and it costs S$3 for an extra serving! I ought to remember doing a comparison of the Pork Katsu curry from Sushi Tei, another one of my favourites. I seriously cannot think of any adjectives to describe both sauces right now (downside of having to blog post-dated entries) except that they are yummylicious!

Japanese curries tend to be a little on the sweet side, probably due to the sweet onion flavour they carry. Don’t quote me on that though, it might have been sugar and I wouldn’t be able to differentiate one from the other. This calls for some serious scientific study on both curries when I’m back.

The novelty about Go! Go! Curry over at Ion’s Food Hall is that they have 4 different-sized rice servings. The health-conscious (and calorie-conscious) Japanese probably caught on the fact that white rice has no nutrition (compared to its brown rice cousin) and is high in calories. G and I shared the above “Healthy Class” as I wasn’t very hungry after snacking on chicken nuggets that day while on a L4D2 zombie killing spree.

The Pork Katsu Curry “Healthy Class” costs S$11.50, I can’t really comment on its price tag as Sushi Tei’s is around the same range and you are paying for the cosy Japanese fast-food decor in one of Singapore’s newest shopping joints, le Ion. Air Con + Comfy Seats + Yummy Curry = Yay! I shall order the Grand Slam with Shrimp+Cheese+Extra Sauce for a huge feast for G and I next time round!