I really love Thai Express’s Tom Yam Steamboat. The clear but spicy soup base accentuates the fresh fish slices when you cook it with sweet prawns and vermicelli, yummy! However, at United Square’s outlet, they don’t have it on their menu, and the dish is only available at 3 outlets – Serangoon Garden / Marina Square. So we ordered their perennial favourites instead.

Happy 7th baby! We were close to last-orders and the manager was so hospitable and polite that he insisted us to come in even though the staff were already cleaning up. Coincidentally, our table was 7, sweet!

Fried Prawn Toast. Prawn paste spread on bread which is then fried for that crispy toast, together with sweet-slightly spicy sauce dip. Yummy!

My beef pad thai, yummy! But the authentic Thai version is definitely yummier!

I got rather adventurous and ordered their Tom Yam Soup. That innocent-looking clear soup base can fool anyone into thinking its merely a bowl of herbal soup, but wait till you get a whiff of it! It was really sourish spicy, fiery tinge on your tongue! In it was mushrooms and prawns, the prawns were big and fresh and therefore sweet, actually I think Thai Express doesn’t disappoint with their prawns, very juicy!

G who got introduced to the gang of classmates I usually hang out with. He’s drinking the Mango Slurpie (I couldn’t remember the name) but it’s not nice!

It’s a secret and I can’t say why, but looking at the picture makes my heart aww. He’s having some (I really forgot) rice with seasoned meat, it was quite delicious I should say, yummy yummy!

Thai Express is a great place for thai food, its variety doesn’t disappoint and quite cheap for a restaurant chain. Lemming to try the steamboat soon 😀

P.S. K doesn’t like it, shock of my life actually. Wonder if he ate something bad, hmm.