This, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely divine. I usually order its plainer cousin (the plain bagel, toasted of course!) but they ran out of it that afternoon. This is something better, the cheese version. Am I making any of you drool yet?

Ok no, but I am!

You can see the cheese coated on the outside of the bagel, and the smell of it when toasted with bread, ultimate yummy! See the 2 packs of Lurpak butter? It costs horribly expensive for a pack of small packlets like that, I usually buy their tub version, unsalted / light please. Though I didnt find out what is the difference between the two, 1 = no salt 1 = light salt?

As you can clearly see, I use a pack for each side. I love butter, cream and cheese to bits, mayhaps a little more influenced by Julie & Julia (the movie) where everything goes with just a slab or two of butter. That yellow buttery butter, yums!

A bagel cut into half costs S$2.60, more than a bargain if you ask me, especially if it gets you access to a table for you to study the whole day away, which was what I (we) did over at United Square.

P.S. Happy belated birthday X-ey! Many happy returns and have a great year! 😀