I finally got around scheduling my nails / facial appointments today, after going more than a month without. It makes me happy look at my (Little Red Wagon) red fingernails and the usual Rouge Noir for my toes. I went for an Aromatherapy Facial, and man, the neck/shoulder massage is OMFG good. I felt bad for the lady who must have exerted a lot of strength to knead out the kinks in my muscles, but the hydrating mask felt so good along with the massage that I dozed off. To round up this indulgent Friday, I went for L4D2 and I’m proud to say that I’ve conquered the 4th campaign at Advance level! Much thanks to S and her boyfriend ^_^

It’s ironic how S is my classmate and we live so near (1 street apart) each other and yet we didn’t socialise. I’ve already went on my first late-night L4D2 session with her at the lan shop downstairs, though their comps are lousy but it’s very convenient for the both of us! And what’s more, we are like each other, “DIE YOU FUCKING BASTARDS”, when we’re gaming hurhurhur. It’s great to find company like that.

Dearest A said that I was a TAI-TAI in making, hopefully that will be so. I mean, better a TAI-TAI than work all your miserable life and end up with nothing accomplished yes? I kid.

Just bought scalp shampoo, am not so loving my look right now since the ends are so flyaway. Saturday’s schedule includes 2 lessons and a late lunch / early dinner with T before picking G up after his paper. And soon, I’ll begone in the land of shrimp wontons.