in the form of taking neoprints!

Thanks to A’s fabulous idea of taking neoprints after our last ProComm class last Tuesday, say hello to these;

I havent taken neoprints in years, they ought to be declared an antiquity in their own right lol. The 3 of us were rather clueless in figuring out the Japanese words, I think we could have done better in choosing pictures!

The classic. Labbit Faces.

A shows her cosplay side as she gives me a nurse cap and neko ears for herself and K. Oh, and she really loves cats. And yes, that was poop that I was advertising in my hand. >:D

I think we were trying to do a decent rendition of the “Phantom of the Opera”, A’s favourite song of the moment. But okay, we failed.

Quite nice isn’t it? A turned out to be a pro at decorating all these, me? I just sucked. K likes the minimalistic look I think, cos he was like “I think here too full already” after I just mashed strawberries and cherries into the background.

Tomorrow will be the last time I see K in school, since it’s his last paper before he graduates. And I wont be sharing classes with A as well next trimester. Sighs. At least we have silly neoprints!