I have to say, this is the first time I got pranked and pranked someone else in return. And that someone, has to be our class rep, X!

That bugger pranked me by telling me oh so seriously over the phone that “hey I have to give the test later on a miss, something happened and I cannot make it“. And the gullible as hell me took it seriously and so concerned that I wanted to head for Student Services to apply an exemption for him. Imagine my (should have expected) horror that it was actually a prank!

So we (okay I was a main perpetuator) got him back with this;

C started it all by telling X that we all have to be casual-formally dressed for our Print News I paper, and that poor boy was wearing slippers. C then came to me and included me in the prank, and X (under everyone’s influence and my innocent lie) took a black marker to his feet and drew the lines to form a “make-shift” shoe. Other suggestions like going to buy a new pair and eventually, me suggesting that he should fake an injury and wear plasters instead (to save him from having a black feet) resulted in X being pranked in front of everybody in the library. Sweet!