1. I watched How To Train Your Dragon 2x, 1x in 3D / 1x in 2D. It’s an awesome movie, can’t wait for the DVD(rip)!
  2. Why is it that friendships are formed only on days we have to say good-bye? 😦
  3. A bottle of good wine + great conversation = Superb night. Although it might be the wine …
  4. I want to take more neoprints!
  5. That said, I’m in a major pampering rut. Have to book all my hair/facial/nail/wax appointments after CommR next Saturday!
  6. Did I just sound like a bimbo in my last sentence? I would think them necessary services to feel properly groomed.
  7. Looking forward to my 2-week workout! Size 10 here I come!
  8. This is G’s weekend off and I have to cram for ProComm on Monday. 😦
  9. Need to start looking at holiday plans soon!
  10. Okay back to writing essays!