Look what came with CanCam?

Tipped off by BagaholicBoy, I swopped down to Kino@Bugis to grab myself a copy of it. As it promises, a freebie tote by MBMJ!

I was stumped for words momentarily when I opened the package. The tote is way smaller than pictured, like even smaller than what you would use for a lunch bag. More like a kids’ handbag I reckkie? Still it’s rather cute. I think I may have use for it more as a bag organiser though, hmm..

Otherwise, I don’t usually buy CanCam. More of PopTeen. But the content surprised me! And my heart’s broken cos’ the last copy of PopTeen-JAP APR sold out, and I bought the last browsing copy for PopTeen-TW. 😦

Oh well, me has alot of reading to catch up on seriously. So not looking forward to Print News paper on thursday evening. Urgh to the max.