To further illustrate my points earlier, I give you my cousin’s (on my dad’s side) lunch wedding on 7th March, held at the very nice Marriot Hotel.

Just to side-track, I love lunch weddings. This is my second invitation so far, the first being the wedding of both my lecturers from Poly in Dec ’08. Time really flew by as they are now proud parents of a baby boy who’s about 1. The thought of lunch weddings brings about flowers, spring, light and colorful pastels, no? Coincidentally, I wore the same maxi dress which I wore for both my lecturers’ wedding and my 21st birthday. God, I love that dress, and sadly I only wore it a grand total of 3 times.

Here’s the boys looking all spiffy

Somehow the color white looks good on a certain degree of tanned skin. You know what I mean? I think the Americans got them pegged, the right white for the right tan.

They raise their swords to form an “X”. Wonder why no “O”, like XOXO – *grins*

You know what? This is the only legitimate reason for your wedding gown to match your husband’s! I’d be smiling as broadly as my cousin is if I have the perfect dress lol. Unrequited fantasy, sighs.

I was relegated to the “Oldies” table and not the actual “red” table, cos’ apparently being in Communications meant that I’m a superb communicator and thus am being entrusted with the duty of “entertaining” the old folks. Nothing much came out of it, except that they were a little more hungry than I thought, 😛

Oh, and did you know? Only sparkling wine which comes from France is allowed to call themselves Champagne, while “champagne” from anywhere else is only to be labelled as sparkling wine. Silly isn’t it? My cousin and her husband had the brilliant idea of hosting a bottle of champagne on every table, so that one particular lucky sod (which definitely isn’t me) gets the opportunity to “pop” the bottle along with the newly-weds. Quite amusing to see bottle corks flying everywhere if you ask me. And it really was a good bottle.

My partner, F. Don’t ask me why her picture turned out so nice, my N97 screwed.

This picture says it all. I was at the right place and at the right moment. Aren’t they smiling so happily? Hope they will continue to laugh with each other for the rest of their lives, xoxo

Ok la, I admit I’m not really a fan of lunch weddings especially if you are part of the family. You don’t have time to get your make-up professionally done, so it’s either a choice of looking pretty or having great hair. Quite obvious which one I chose, since I hate wearing contact lenses. Though I regret a little now you see …


I leave you this, and hope that all of us would have the opportunity to be wearing a gorgeous gown and waltzing in the arms of the love of our lives, and seeing your happiness in his eyes. And know that that happiness would materialize, someday, sometime.