I’ve finally got the hang of playing the drums at Guitar Hero, but now I fear another “calibration” is needed for Rock Band. Either that, or I’ll download Rock Band on my NDS and play with Fari on that.

My tummy is quivery and not feeling good at all after Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato (wrong spelling), even though I swopped it for Soy Milk just in case of the lactose intolerant-ness acting up. In the end it still acted up. Sighs. A de-tox is in order I reckon.

We have GK on drums, Fari on guitar, and dear X on vocals. (and me on my camera)

Close-up of the lead singer who’s doing his version of “9 in the afternoon” (though its night already!)

Fari when she’s at home;

I had to wait for an opportunity for this shot, the “IM A GUITAR GOD LOOK AT ME” moment! Yay!

GK with his tongue stuck out and the “drummer boy” cap. Not bad I say!

Last group shot before GK dropped me on his way home and then sent X on his way, muchos gracias GK!


This post was in my drafts folder, hence published only now.