Say hello to my latest freebie. Thanks to Fari, I’m now the proud owner of the above purple Hello Kitty ring. Now I know that there are some bloggers (i.e. Tammy of Ohsofickle) who sport them, and I have the urge to collect them in the other colors I know the rings come in.

Other trivia;

  1. I dropped my N97 so hard that some of the parts actually broke off. Dammit. I should be more careful, but this is precisely the reason why I’ve never bought expensive phones (not that I bought the N97, it was a gift from G who in turn got it from his dad). I always either drop my phones or lose them. Sigh
  2. X , GK and I are at Fari’s now doing work, but I’m so sleepy now that nothing goes in nor out. Creative output is critically limited at best, I shall have to try harder later when I’m at home. At least my group project is done, and I have esentially 18hrs more before the 2359 deadline tomorrow.
  3. K got us a discount at Victoria Secrets, yay for him! >:) My new favourite friend!
  4. I have a shitty feeling I might have to cancel my reservation at District 10 tomorrow evening again, sighs. G is still very busy with work and attending master classes. Oh well . . .