1. Having to cancel my reservation for Restaurant Week on Monday because G had master classes and I had to do work.
  2. Drinking the whole of my Mcdonalds’ Ice Latte cos’ it made my tummy lurch and quiver.
  3. Ordering the 10pcs spicy drumlets from Pizzahut cos’ I know we won’t be able to finish it, and my tummy is going to bloat like mad!
  4. Not starting on my assignments earlier and having to mad rush through them now.
  5. Not being friends-friends with Fari earlier cos’ we can do the whole girly sharing thing earlier hahahahahaha!
  6. Not going for driving lessons cos’ I spend way too much on le royale mode of transportation.
  7. Eating the bowl of Mee Rebus in the afternoon cos’ that half portion I digested is still making spicy rounds in my tummy, super uncomfortable to the max.