My (fake) hair needs a salon treatment despite the daily hairmasking + conditioning it receives. I employ a strict no-combing policy, however I feel an imminent tangle coming up, as the braids are no longer at my hair roots due to my hair growing out. I shall book an appointment with the lady after my CommR paper on the 10th, and have her take out my extensions and rebraid them. Paranoid much?

Hmm, and perhaps a color touchup as well, since my roots are so visibly black. I want to go back to the bright coffee brown Second gave me, but I fear it might not be possible unless I dye all of my hair + my extensions.  One thing for sure, I would be adding more strands to my head, so that I can finally experiment with different hairstyles – i.e. the Japanese hairbun! Bangs or no bangs?

Me thinks I should invest in a different size curler to achieve a slightly less monotonous look, as X says, “you look the same to me every day”. Or perhaps go for the rocker chic pixie crop hair my avatar in GuitarHero has, now that is something really different. Kidding.