Responsibilities exact a heavy price don’t they? I find myself sitting in my student’s kitchen, slaving over her “letter to the author” and racking my brains out to write (i) a letter (ii) the author’s biography, when I havent actually read the freaking book! Amazing me ain’t it?

Thank god for G.K (who is not my boyfriend), who kindly shared a taxi with me (and very kindly split the cab fare too). I knew he cancelled going for supper together with his other classmates when he saw my tired shitty face. I arrived at 1045pm, and now at 1215pm, an hour and a half later, I’m still here, with a biography left undone.

I didn’t enjoy my time spent in school slaving (dramatic much?) over my ProC assignments, but the company I had more than made up for it. Major love xoxo!

P.S. I’m super hungry now, but I can’t eat right?! It’s like, 100x the fats?