1. Me no likey Yummy (Yami) Yoghurt.
  2. Me super likey Frolick Yoghurt in Original flavour.
  3. Me can eat the 11oz takeaway tub of Frolick all by meself.
  4. Me have no idea what’s hot and what’s not, even though me read magazines because me no go shopping.
  5. Me is strangely content, with zero ambitions or dreams at present.
  6. Me is likey movie nights with Fari and a mis-mash of classmates.
  7. Me is getting better at RockBand. or was it Guitar Hero?
  8. Me is lovey me fake hair but they are growing out and making me hair tangle sometimes.
  9. Me has to do homework and me no likey.
  10. Me is happy.