1. Was in school since 9am till after 6 doing work, left the school feeling totally drained.
  2. Went for dinner with G and Fari at some famous fish-soup place near our school. Nice.
  3. I have a 6-hour paper tomorrow, but who’s complaining?
  4. Thank god for X and J, who were on hand to teach this clueless me what InDesign is all about.
  5. Sat on the MRT (again from Tanjong Pagar) with a lady beside me blasting Kpop and before I got off, Try to Follow Me by 2NE1!
  6. Seriously contemplating on buying the Frolick organiser just for the 50% discount, crazy much?
  7. Bought the 11oz takeaway tub with peaches and lychees.
  8. Discovered a new talent for gossiping and what being a girl is really about.
  9. G told me he has master classes next week, which means I have to choose between Brasserie Wolf on Monday, or District 10 on Friday, and cancel the other reservation. Shit!
  10. Been so long since I last went shopping, clothes shopping that is. Sighs. I spent all my $ on the royale mode of transportation, no joke.