We had all of that + another egg (for me, they are super yummy!) after we had the Frolick yoghurt on Friday, which was after I went to Scape Park for the first time to see what boys / men could do with their bodies. Needless to say, I’m flabbergasted at their flexibility la!

On second thoughts, I have no excuse for my expanding waistline cos’ I simply eat a lot. Fari would find this familiar “I eat like a cow!” – yes I really do and I have to show for it. Lucky for me, G has always been accommodating when it comes to my sudden cravings, though I think I really should cut down and cut out.

The Fried Wantons are super crispy, fried to perfection I believe. However, the filling isn’t very tasty, a tad on the plain side for me.  No point dipping in the mayo either, doesn’t help when the meat filling rolls in your mouth. A case of “looks nice but doesnt taste nice” la – deceiving appearances!

Fingers x for Sakura’s Thai Iced Coffee!