I guess it will be past midnight by the time this gets posted, but Ima gonna count my blessings today. I think it’s a good habit to routinely count your blessings and the amount of love you receive daily, one would go forth each day with love in the heart and with genuine smiles, for there’s nothing like being loved.

Oki, no sappy post ahead!

G and I are still making adjustments to each other, him especially when it’s the PMS period. He still doesn’t get it why I’m so temperamental, the only reason I can come up with is that PMS enhances my already “easily irritable” personality and I can be a real bitch to handle. Thank god he doesn’t read my blog (I 1. outright refused 2. act blur 3. pretended I didn’t hear when he asked for my URL), else he would be angry at me for calling myself names.  How not to love a boy who’s angry with you for not the thing you’re arguing about but over the fact that you were being sarcastic and called yourself a “mean bitch”? Me has to learn to tread softly with my words, because I realised they do hurt like a slap across the face, something which I certainly do not wish to inflict on somebody I love, again.

Oki, am done professing my adoration (far from being done but still), hope no Monday bleus for all! Have a good night and a great week everybody! Just got my reservation confirmation from Restaurant Week, hopefully somebody cancels and Ima gonna book us in at Tetsuya! (hurhur)

P.S. love x infinity