Hello and welcome if you have been checking back for updates and hate seeing the “SUPA TIRED” post. I realised my stats dropped when I stopped blogging, so it doesn’t drop if you don’t stop yes?

Even if I wanted to do some updates, that would involve pictorial upload, but the thing is, Picasa is giving me a headache cos’ of the drama I’m downloading (shh) now. My poor netbook hung like nobody’s business, and resulted in a lot of frustration for me. G wanted to get me some RAM from the IT show, but I naively told him a HD would do, just as long I transferred my movies/pictures out. However, I fear that isn’t the solution to this “hanging” problem, Picasa’s being smart by trying to upload screencaps to the drama I’m downloading, and how to if it’s still being downloaded? Logic anyone?

Speaking of the IT show, G got me a SAMSUNG HD in pink! Wished I could show it, X would probably make fun of me again! Think of all the possibilities I can do with it!

I went for G’s bboy event at Zouk yesterday. Sad to say, it’s not really my thing. I feel bad and think I ought to be more supportive of him, but I’m really not feelin’ it. Mayhaps I should take a more passive role, like meeting him after practice and bringing along his towels / drinks? Sigh.