After a week of not seeing G (ok it was 4 days but still), he decided to cab over to where we are over at Fari’s to have a late dinner/supper with us. The silly boy cabbed over to Parkway Parade instead, spent nearly 30mins waiting for anothertaxi, before running his way over to the Astons opposite Katong Mall. Yes, you read me correctly, 1hr+ to get to Katong Mall from Parkway Parade, thanks to a miscommunication!

The 3 of us ordered these;

Fari: Grilled Chicken?

Me: Fried Chicken was it?

G: Double Up Chicken (Teriyaki + Fried)

I had the fried crispy chicken after recommendations from both the staff and friends, but I personally find it too crispy for my own good. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was really difficult trying to cut my chicken fillet into small pieces, cos’ the crispy bits were flying everywhere! It gave my jaws a good work-out as well, it was tough trying to bite into the meat cos’ of the fried crispy skin.

All in all, not a good experience for both G and I. 😦

Here’s Fari with the obligatory shot of her carving into her chicken.

The bill amounted to S$37 or so, quite reasonable for the 3 of us really. I won’t blacklist Astons just because of the too crispy chicken, I know its black pepper and teriyaki is real good! But but but!

I still think the mushroom soup I had over at Cathay tasted way better, thick in its flavour and really mushroomy! That being said, service at Astons is really an eye-opener. I’ve never seen waiters and waitresses in such a hurry to make their customers order! Not really happy, but cheap quality food!

The steak didn’t taste as good as it looks, trust me! The pasta salad on the other hand, is nice! I didn’t like the baked potato though, again I had it due to raves by my friends. It was a little too dry for me.