I had another great lunch yesterday with my classmates (X / Farirari / K – who unfortunately shares the same name as do Dr. K) over at Capitol building. Sad to say, being a Singaporean myself, the number of places which I’ve explored is only a pathetic few. Having said that, prior to yesterday’s lunch, I havent had any clue what was “Capitol Building”. Methinks I should venture forth bravely into the unknown instead of sticking to reputable restaurant chains found in shopping malls.

The Thai Iced Coffee is really yummy and cheap! Ok, if one compares to the coffee-shop price of S$0.80, then expensive la! But S$2.00 for a cup of iced coffee + milk, woo! Brings me back to Thailand in Nov’09 with G, where we had countless cups of authentic iced coffee infusions, and even cheaper than the already-cheap S$2.00! (in Baht conversion)

See the foam? I dunno how they do that, but you have to stir the coffee (see the dark strains?) first before drinking, then your 1st sip will be milky heavenly goodness! I think Fari thinks its good too, see her “V”?

X’s recommendation of Dry Beef Kuey Tiao, which basically meant Fried Beef Noodles. Super nice and cheap, S$4.00 for a meat dish + air-conditioning, worth it! K had the same thing I did, I bet it was enjoyable for him too. Though my tongue was burning slightly at the end of it due to the small little devils called Chilli Padi, but really shiok!

X’s lunch consisted of Mee Goreng + Iced Thai Coffee. After much urging, I tried his mee goreng. Super nice! And the restaurant doesn’t flavour their food with MSG to make them so tasty, I didn’t have the crazy urge to guzzle lots of water thereafter. Again, S$4.00 for the lunch.

Fari had her Hor Fun, nice! And we ordered a Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce to share. I’m really salivating at the thought of it already, omg! Initially we (ok, I!) wanted the Sambal KangKong, but Fari reminded me about the (50cents worth of KK > S$8 paid), so we opted for Kai Lan instead. Again, super nice!

I think I must read cookbooks, else everything I write will be “nice”, “delicious”, etc. 😩

Last but not least, the Thai Green Curry. Not sure how much it is, but a little too salty for my taste, or maybe if you eat it with lots of rice, it would be just fine. I’ve never had Green Curry before in my life, so this was a good experience. It had eggplants and chicken slices in it as well. You can see K’s noodles + lime drink in the picture.

Oh my god, now I feel like having lunch! Maybe I should stop by for some yummy Iced Thai Coffee before going for Print News I? Heh!