Ironically as well, today’s the day we hit the 6-month milestone in our relationship. Happy anniversary G!

This past weekend went by in a blur, I had a great time chit-chatting at Farirari’s party, met new friends, found new friends, did things which I’ve never done (ie. dipping our feet in the water / looking at the sky / contemplating about coconut trees / getting my jeans wet), woke up for my cousin’s wedding lunch, survived Alice in Wonderland (3D) after watching the 2D already, and then hitting the sack at midnight. Major achievement to have survived it all with only 1 day’s worth of sleep, does this mean I’m actually getting younger?

I’m writing this after waking up at 8.30am to cook lunch for G, but alas he had to attend the vessel at noon. So I’m deliberating if I should just send it down to the office anyways. Panfried Korean Pork Belly + Salted Seaweed Wrap + Delish Kimchi, yummy hummy!

After looking at my blog, I reckon I should save up for the Lumix, better quality much?