I bought the Strawberry Cream Puff as well as the Strawberry Cake Slice from the Yamazaki Bakery as I was walking past the shop after doing my grocery shopping at SOLMART. They looked superbly good, and I gave in as I had a rewarding session after Focus Group and wanted to reward myself.

However, I didn’t like the cake at all as it was a sponge cake with only a thin of cream inside, which makes it pretty tasteless and dry. I like my cakes to be full of flavours and moist, if anyone can understand what I’m trying to say. Rich and full of cream + the things which make cakes taste so good over at Bakerzin.

All in all, don’t bother paying S$1.60 for the puff and S$4.60 for the cake. I bought a Au Lait Hokkaido Coffee, and it tastes weird. I think either Japanese don’t drink coffee the way we drink it, or everything just tastes dull when you add Japanese milk to it.

Not to mention, the Pokka Premium Green Tea Milk. Tastes like what plastic would have tasted like, I kid you all not.

P.S. There’s a problem with using WordPress in Google Chrome, anyone experiencing trouble with clicking the “Insert Picture” button? Mine doesn’t load at all and I’m blogging this on Internet Explorer, which I don’t like as there isn’t the word correction thing. 😩