G and I had lunch at Sushi Tei on Thursday after I wasted my time during Print News I. I guess having so many patrons during lunch hour would mean their food quality is top-notch, you can see the clear streaks on the salmon sashimi pieces in the picture. Not that the branch we usually go to at Taka is bad, just that we usually order when it’s near closing, so the quality I guess, might be a little affected.

As usual, the Grilled Hotate. Super good to the max! It’s scallop grilled with garlic cheese and miso mayo, the ingredients already sound so delicious! *drools* G wanted to order another set, but I had enough cheese to last me for a month already lol!

We shared the usual Chicken Katsu Curry. I love Japanese curries, but somehow mine doesn’t taste like that when I cook it at home.