Remember the Limited Edition Steam Cream “I Heart You” I received from G? Oki, here’s a review.

I gave the other Papillion tin to CLS, who uses it as a daily massage cream. On the day I went over to her house, it was just in time for her massage. The Steam Cream is non-oily, and like its namesake, alike to whipped cream and so airy that it was absorbed well by various parts of the body. I personally tried it on my dry + patchy elbows while CLS used it on her legs. The lavender scent of the cream was soothing without being overly heavy. FYI, lavender has a sleep-inducing effect. I tried making lavender tea once in the office and everyone was sluggish when the scent hit their nostrils, just ask G.

Again, I emphasize that the Steam Cream is super light, while giving the skin a maximum moisturising effect. I used less than a pea-size amount on my elbows and with only one use, they were smoother and didn’t flake anymore!

I used the above amount and divided it between my 2 elbows.

I didn’t use the Steam Cream on my face as I preferred non-scented cosmetics / skincare instead. Not that the lavender scent was too over-powering, I just didn’t like having the smell of lavender right under my nose.

Verdict: Retailing at S$26 per tin, it is reasonable when compared to other all-purpose moisturisers. The fact that it is (not mass-produced + not locally stocked) is an additional benefit. I love it most for its powerful moisturising effect, and not leaving a greasy, heavy film on the skin afterwards. After rubbing in it, the Steam Cream is almost instantly absorbed by the skin and only a faint lavender scent remains. I would definitely repurchase it, though the only thing I didn’t like was the risk of spillage if the tin is tilted when opened.