This is a god-send for lazy people like me who just stock up in the supermarket and cook it ourselves on days we just feel so reluctant to walk downstairs to the hawker centre to buy our lunch. I have them in Abalone + Chicken. It was my lunch on thursday when it was so bloody hot that walking downstairs would mean having to put on sunblock. Urgh.

Oh, and it tastes super great when I added my Korean Sesame Oil to it! Uber fragrant, and smells different from the traditional Chinese version!

And these. Oh my god. These. I could eat them all day if I didn’t have a problem putting on weight and swollen lips. The Cheese Almond snacks are available at most Japanese supermarkets, they cost like S$4-S$5? In Japan, they cost only around S$1+, I might just buy them in cartons and sending it over here the next time I visit Japan.

The seaweed is special as they are lightly salted. Trust me, you haven’t had seaweed before if you never tried these. Great for TV snacks, they taste uber good when you just wrap rice in them and eat it up, like a simple sushi. The small packs cost S$6.40 for 8, while the rectangular pieces cost S$9.60 for 20. Pricey but super good! You can get them from SOLMART at Tampines1! And I recommend the Chongga kimchi as well!