I should have known that not all taxi drivers are as nice as the ones I usually met, or as nice as the one I had this morning. Again, the weather was to blame, I could feel the perspiration gathering between my thighs under my dress, so not glam.

After making a trip to Tampines 1 for some food shopping, I went out to the taxi stand and my god, there were so many in front of me. This nice “Ang Mo” gentleman was just in front of me, and he gave me a sympathetic “I know me too” smile and mouthed the word “Too hot” as we both stare at the sunshine a few centimetres away from us. My temporary good mood vanished as soon as some people got into the taxis, because, the freaking line wasn’t moving at all!

Sure enough, some retarded people just had to sit there and not move to the other bench. Why am I so pissed? Because I is currently holding heavy groceries with one hand and a pastry box in the other. If I could, I would have just shouted at them to MOVE THE FUCK UP. Ok, I kid. It’s the weather that’s making me spew vulgarities. And no, I didn’t do that.

So there was me and the AngMo, he busy with his BlackBerry, me entertaining murderous thoughts in my head and berating myself for forgetting my mobile at home. And then finally, whilst perspiration was gathering and my hair’s sticking to my face, the taxis came and those annoying office people finally moved and VIOLA, the line moved and I was able to put all the foodstuff on the bench, much to the amusement of the AngMo.

What made my day was when the AngMo’s turn came, and he turned to me and said “You could have that if you want”. I was so grateful but I didn’t, thanking him for his offer instead. Not being nationalistic here, but how many local guys did offer you his turn when he sees you carrying tons of stuff? For me, this is the second time a foreigner did, the locals, nil.

After the said AngMo got into the taxi, he waved bye and mouthed “bye” as our eyes made contact. Super nice aint it? We ought to be more friendly really.

However, the nice-nice stopped here. What the fuck is wrong with taxi drivers who have an obvious axe to grind with regards to passengers giving alternate street names? After I got into the taxi, I told him “Uncle Street A please, go by Street B.” He then replied, “Street A? Street C there right?” I tried being patient and told him, “Er, I’m not sure if it’s Street C, but you could turn left to Street B. . .”, and he announced in this stupidly superior tone “Yah lah, that’s Street C la”

I mean, seriously, what the fuck? Why are you being so obstinate and try to correct my street address, when the rest of the taxi drivers just kept quiet and drove me there so many times before? Said taxi driver also took the chance to air his smelly arm-pits in the front air-conditioner, and kept muttering I-dunno-what-nonsense to himself. Urgh to the max.

Okay, being a coward, I just shut up and kept imaging this mean alter ego which would have said the above things I wrote, lol!

On a second note, Major ♥ to the girls in my focus group! You girls did so great! Muacks x infinity!

Shall go for a cold shower and peel the dress off, skin’s dying without sunblock 😦