Today’s Focus Group went superbly well.

x infinity.

I was already a little zoned out by the time our group got to present, having to sit in for 3 other group exercises as an *active* participant. Have I ever mentioned that I love my classmates? Okay, I love only some of them, I don’t have patience for the few who are just being plain silly. Oops.

Anyways, as I was saying, I love how we are able to banter ideas back and forth without any censure of sorts. Though sometimes the argument gets a little heated up at times, I’m now comfortable with them enough to not take offence, hopefully they would be as well. X you feelin’ me? 🙂

That said, my focus group exercise went superbly well. I guess we were lucky to be able to have engaging participants who were not afraid to voice out their thoughts, one very crucial thing which is often overlooked. How on earth does one get her report materials if she doesn’t have anything to write? Fari and I got along so well that I felt there wasn’t any clear distinction between us moderators and our participants, and the flow of energies and ideas was so rich. Though I got a little worried that the train of thought might get a little carried away (sometimes even encouraged by my questions), I was glad that we did, in the end, get all the answers we sought. And most importantly, it felt more like a “girly chit-chat session which could go on forever”, as quoted from L. I came out of it feeling a sense of bonding with the girls from my class, as if my super-thick wall defenses were let down all at once.

I guess this is something good, I never knew the things I did now about some of my classmates. It’s good, because I thought I was the only one who felt this way and that way about my body, how I never felt in place with today’s obsession with thin, and some girls actually share my thoughts. I feel more encouraged with the fact that if someone can accept their body flaws and live their lives with confidence (except for the occasional omg-I-look-fat-in-the-mirror), I should be able to as well.

To regurgitate what I said on Facebook;

Major love for my girls! Rock on baybehs!

GO GO GO x 2NE1 !

P.S. Good luck for those who are about to do their own presentations as well. 🙂 Which reminds me, I do have to go for class next Wednesday. Urgh! Not that I hate sitting in as a participant, I just hate the morning part.

P.P.S. Please don’t publish the videos on Facebook, I is going to get arrested! Noooo!

The right side of my face is swollen and fatter than the other side. 😦