I’m more than a little annoyed now. I contributed this year’s angbao takings to the PS3, and now, I find the PS3 collecting dust in a corner of my house. C just played it a grand total of 1x before deciding that she couldn’t accept any other games apart from the Final Fantasies. Nothing wrong with that, but then, why tell me you want to buy the PS3 in the first place?!

The freaking thing costed more than half the PS1 bag, how not to get annoyed you tell me lar!

I’ve decided that if the situation does not improve, I’m going to purchase the FF13, play the whole game, then sell the entire PS3 + games to a buyer for a discount. I mean hey, why waste it if we ain’t using it? I didn’t justify the reasons for buying, but I saw how C wanted it so I just went for it. But now, my annoyance is getting the better of me.

If anyone who reads this is interested in a good deal, let me know!