I never knew my boyfriend had it in him to draw such cute pictures! I sure as hell can’t draw to save my ass, I think I actually suck at the simplest-of-all-simplicities, stick-figure drawings.

We were at my grandma’s for the last CNY dinner gathering of 2010. As usual, it was a feast for the beasts, I myself included. Can’t get enough of her curry / prawn salad / spicy peppery pig trotters soup. I should also remind myself to walk over to my uncle’s house to spend more time with her and my grandpa, they are too old and time is running out. In fact, this was the first time my grandma actually mentioned finding a successor to help out with the annual CNY feasting. Sighs.

I was busy outside karaoke-ing to the discs we had. My uncle “upgraded” his home entertainment system to one similar to that of K Box’s. We now have the added option to turn off the original singer’s voice, though we found out last night that it might actually not be a good thing after all, lol!

G was holed up in the study with my youngest cousin, entertaining her requests to draw for her with crayons. I must thank her really, for I (and everybody else) was so surprised with his drawings!

The little princess, as G calls her, with her framed picture.

This “Zombie” was what he came up with, after I bugged him for a picture as well. 😦

The artist himself with his “Tortoise” drawing.

C with her flying “Bird”.

And this is what became of the flying “Bird” after I was done coloring it. I might just have an undiscovered talent at coloring no?

G went on later to draw a “Rooster” and an “Elephant”, but amazingly realistic but my N97 went flat.

Have a great Monday!