Fari + R + I went for Sushi Tei over at Takashimaya. We were seated at 9.20pm, just a mere 10 minutes before the orders for cooked food are closed. By the time the waitress gave us the menus with an apologetic smile on her face, it was already 9.25pm! And I wasted no time in flipping it open to the Grilled Hotate (Scallop) and pointing it out vigorously to Fari + R and proclaiming “SUPER NICE!”

Trust me, it’s really super nice. Grilled with cheese, the cheesy goodness simply melts in your mouth, though with a salty after-taste, but it doesn’t make you thirst. Great for cheese-lovers like G and I! You can get them at 2 for S$6.00, which makes it out to be 1 for S$3, quite reasonable if you ask me.

Alas, I forgot to snap pictures of Fari’s virgin sushi try-out! But I think she’s a convert if you ask me, hurhurhur. One can never go wrong with lots of swordfish + salmon belly. The Maguro isn’t something I would order off a casual restaurant, but R did, and just by its color I could tell it wouldn’t taste nice. Lesson learnt!

@Fari; let’s go and buy sashimi off the counter at Taka’s Cold Storage and have our own mini party at the fountain! Yes yes?