It was a mad dash for time after my hair appointment(s), trying to find a nail parlour which would have an express mani/pedi slot for dear C. From Far East we journeyed forward, checking out Takashimaya before taking the MRT to 313 Sommerset.

Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to get her nails done for CNY 😦

But I got my Valentine’s Day present for Baby G!

I chanced upon this cake shop at 313’s (oneofthemany) basements. To my horror, it wasn’t easy at all to do. The huge cream puffs which I envisioned in my head weren’t happening in reality, thanks to the major-small icing. We were allowed 30minutes for each decoration but the bakery was closing at 5pm, and I only had like 15 minutes for my cake? What got me really pissed off was that they did not even mention it to me at the time of my purchase!

On second/third thoughts I think I was aleetlebit too angry with the staff when expressing the above opinion, hurhurhur.

I had to call C and S for help to stick on the red hearts. With nail extensions on, I ended up scraping the cream off the topmost layer.

I think freckles look cuter than pores, yes? 😦

No more (babyfats)fats!

The finished product! Sighs, I think it was really a mistake doing that “maggie mee” pink icing to make the cake look more substantial, agree?

When G finally got to seeing his cake, the colors of the stars ran and dyed the cake in weird contortions. 😦

P.S. I got my cake in M size, paid S$26+ for it, and some more “extras” for the decorations totalling around S$40.