Thanks to Farirari, I is officially a convert. Previously I created my account just for fun, but being not-so techsavvy, I left it to rot and contented myself with just reading public tweets.

As per my 180word update, I needed some convincing that “YES YOU ARE RIGHT IN THROWING THIS/THAT/THOSE/ALL OUT!“. Everytime I threw something into the bin like some pro basketballer, my heart sank a little.

Anyways, an interval is declared as I needed to get some ingredients for lunch, as well as to buy those superglue type of wall tape-ons. I’m thinking of using them as a hairband / hairbows / hairwhatever storage holder, in an attempt to make my dresser look minimalistic. However, I conclude I have simply way too many things which should be hidden away in drawers.

From now on, I shall only buy quality, and not quantity. Actually, I think I’m guilty of buying both in quality + in quantity, how? I shall also try to finish all the products which I’ve bought before buying new ones, though not pertaining to skincare since D is flying to Taiwan this Monday and will ship my Payeasy order to me directly.

Also, I unearthed plenty of surprises, like  the amount of skincare trial sets I have. Ranging from near-full size to those which last only 3 days max. I shall make use of them fully and do reviews before seeing my dermatologist again.