My relationships with the people who do my hair, nails, makeup and wax are intimate. Never piss them off lest you want to end up with a shit-load of problems, like in-grown hair / uneven layers. They are my friends and I trust them and their skills, and of course, with these “friends”, I can wrangle last-minute appointments. Like for C who wanted a quick trim before my appointment on CNY eve.

My perpetually swollen eyelids. Sigh.

My hairstylist, Second, on the left.

I don’t know why but my left eyebag is so prominent!

You can see the lash extension effect here, it gives you an eyeline as well.

Second tong-ing my hair!

Half-way done. See how bouncy my curls are?! I can’t duplicate them at home 😦 Either my tongs are crap or my skills are. I have an inkling its both.

And this is my hairstylist who’s responsible for my hair, as well as C’s and S’s. I can’t thank her enough, after having to clean up the lousy mess in Aug ’09 where a crazy hairstylist cut my layers so short, even 6 months till this date, the layers are still “short”. She had to learn how to “tie” my hair for my 21st birthday, and even now, I’m her only customer that she does it for.

Major ♥ for Second!