I commissioned a set of nails for CNY this year, but after my lash and hair extensions, I almost did not want to go ahead with them. Can you imagine having to “scrub” your scalp with long plastic extensions with 3D flowers / blings on them? Not to mention the risk of them tangling with your hair extensions? A self-inflicted nightmare I swear!

My regular manicurist positioning my nails, her nails are like twice the length of mine!

This is of her applying glue on my nail bed.

I chose to do stick-on extensions instead of the usual acrylic / gel extensions as my nails are still pretty weak due to my last session in Thailand. Apparently this is less damaging. Also, even if they drop off, I can just glue them back with some nail glue!

My right looks pretty much like the left, just a change of decorations on the fingers.

This set costs S$92! It’s slightly shorter than the usual nail extensions people do.