Apparently, I have finally understood why people (like my boyfriend) can fork out $4.20 for an ice-cream stick. To be accurate, a Magnum Golden Hazelnut stick. It tastes uber good, but rather thick to the point where I needed ice water to wash it all down.

To summarize briefly;

  1. I won $13 in Mahjong, but I only got $12 and gave my sister $2 tips tho’ she didn’t win anything for me while she was playing.
  2. My cheapo hair curler which costs $40 did not tong as well as its other model in the shop! The half-fucked thing actually ELECTROCUTED me while I was tong-ing my hair in a mad hurry to get out!
  3. I just bought a VS curler for $58 from Watsons and I realised the tong might be too short, is it too early to say FML?
  4. Just won $2 after BlackJack with the family
  5. A cup of 3-in-1 tastes good now
  6. My DIY-ed cake looks ugly now cos’ the colors of the decorations ran

All in all, looking forward to a tiring, but good Day 2!