So my obsession with Soap’n Sorbet came when I saw a Facebook advert, and when I clicked it, I was directed to a very pretty website. Products included the famous Steam Cream from UK, as well as Tokyo Milk / Lalicious / Love + Toast / Nostalgia Organics. To be frank, I had eyes only for skincare and body, thus the Steam Cream and Lalicious attracted me more.

I then decided on the Limited Edition Steam Cream I Heart You Gift Set as well as the Limited Edition Lalicious Kiss Me Now Sugar Kiss Gift Set. Both were discounted just for Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t resist a good deal. The Steam Cream Set would have cost S$52 originally, while I purchased it for $46. Similarly, the Lalicious set went for S$105, and I got it for S$92.

And then, the boyfriend saw what I was contemplating to buy, and decided to get them for me as a Valentine’s Day present. I is a lucky girl!

My shopping experience was great. Rachel Leung, the owner of Soap’n Sorbet, did a great job gift-wrapping my purchases. I picked them up at the Goodwood Park Hotel, where a bazaar of sorts was held.

  1. Steam Cream I Heart You
  2. Lalicious Sugar Kiss
  3. Free Samples!!

As you can see, they came to me all prettily wrapped up, even though I already knew what they were. I was deciding between the “Cute as a Bunny” or the “I Heart You”, but the boyfriend was bad at keeping surprises, so I knew he chose the “butterfly one la!”.

Honestly, if one is to compare prices, nothing would beat The Body Shop for quality and being price-friendly. However, I didn’t want to fit in with the masses and buy readily available local stocks. Also, the scrubs at TBS were too coarse for my sensitive skin, while the polishes in my opinion, were just crap. Thus after reading reviews and Rachel’s own personal opinion on how the Lalicious scrubs fared for her, I decided to splurge on it.

Ok la, I admit, the Sugar Kiss scent of cotton candy lured me in as well lah!

Rachel was very generous with her samples as well. I received 3 mini perfume vials containing the famous Tokyo Milk scents, as well as the Lalicious scrub in PF Lime, which smells like Sugar Lime Juice! I wanted to get the boyfriend a Tokyo Milk perfume, but was afraid that he might not like it. 😦

The happy me posing with my gifts. I had a weird smile on my face thus I had to mosaic it out. 😦