My eyes found themselves open at an ungodly 7.30am, why?!? I wanted so much to snooze in after a tiring / traumatizing week, but it seems that my body clock has something else planned for me.


My eyelashes didn’t drop out! Although I couldn’t remember if I “whacked” them accidentally in my sleep, they look pretty fine to me (ok, I was half blinded and whatever without my contacts). A friend on Facebook asked me what they were and why everyone’s going for extensions, and I was surprised to find myself liking it enough to recommend it.

Basically, it’s like a semi-permanent set of eyelashes glued onto your natural lashes. The thing I loved about it is the black lash glue which my therapist was pro at, it gave me a natural eyeline! Means I can finally wear my contacts out as I look energized now! I think many girls would be like me, forgoing contacts cos’ we’re lazy of putting on makeup, but the eyelash extensions are a good way to cheat!


Its uncomfortable having to sneeze cos’ you will be clenching your eyes tightly and the lashes will poke into the corners of your eyes! So for someone like me who’s constantly having a cold? 😦

Must thank my therapist for being pro enough in positioning my lash extensions in a way that they don’t feel “tight” on my eyelids, but are tight! Major