I is back home blogging after my shower, having underwent 2 major changes in my life today, I ought to be snoozing my life away in bed by now.

I went for hair extensions + lash extensions !

Total damage was: $150 + $50

What was done: 100 strands of natural wavy hair, a 99% match to my original hair color which had reddish ends. Natural lash extensions.

Verdict: Customers in the shop / My hairstylist + the whole salon / all felt that my hair was natural and nice! Cos’ the ends are tonged, duh! Apparently, there wasn’t a difference between my real + fake hair, which means its good! The feeling of being able to grab a chunk of hair is satisfying! Bad news is, now my regular wash + blowdry costs $50. 😩

Lash extensions = the best thing that happened to me / induced the urge for contact lenses / difficult to wash my face + how to put on my masks now!

Ok, nai nai WordPress!